Deploy US Military to Puerto Rico, USVI Says CA-23 Candidate Matta

US Territories Facing Unprecedented Humanitarian Crisis In Desperate Need of Our Military

Rosamond, CA (Sep. 27, 2017) — Candidate for California’s 23rd Congressional District Tatiana Matta is forcefully speaking out in the wake of the catastrophic devastation and slow response to Hurricane Maria. Matta is urging the Trump administration and Congress to send additional federal assistance for the decimated islands of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

“As a Puerto Rican, my heart breaks with the devastation that Maria has brought upon the islands,” says nonprofit leader and military spouse Matta. “Our people are strong and will recover, but we need to send help now. Generators at senior homes and hospitals are running dangerously low on fuel. Food and medications are scarce. Congress cannot leave the floor this week without an aid package.”

While National Guardsmen have deployed, Puerto Rican officials are asking for specific military support. With no clean water or fuel and devastated infrastructure like airports and hospitals, the military is needed to rebuild the communications, distribute diesel, and airlift critical care victims off the island.

“President Trump must send our military to assist Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands,” Matta says. “The situation on the islands is absolutely dire with rescue operations still going on. Without more assistance from the federal government, American citizens will continue to die.”

While Matta is grateful for the federal aid sent to the island and for the work FEMA has done, she remains critical of the President’s decision to not yet waive the Jones Act, an antiquated law which, when suspended, would immediately lower fuel and consumer goods prices in Puerto Rico.

“It can’t be understated the importance of restoring basic modern services to our fellow Americans. Yes, Puerto Rico is in the Atlantic Ocean, but our military has the amazing capability of humanitarian relief efforts all around the world. Mr. President, send help to Puerto Rico and the USVI now or risk preventable American deaths.”


Jonathan Krawczyk, Digital Director


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