Our district needs a representative who will work to create jobs, rebuild the district’s economy, and create long-lasting change in our communities. It’s no secret that we need better-paying jobs in the Central Valley. Let’s invest in each other, in our communities, and in the future of California’s 23rd Congressional District by:

  • Protecting the rights, prevailing wages, and earned benefits for all hard-working Americans
  • Funding an infrastructure plan to repair and modernize our nation’s aging water systems, roads, bridges, ports, and power grid
  • Increasing the federal minimum wage to ensure no working American is living in poverty
  • Creating partnerships that unite labor, government, academia, and industry leaders to advance economic growth in our district
  • Investing in high-quality apprenticeships and training for workers

People in our district should not have to work multiple jobs to provide for their families. Our seniors should be able to retire with dignity. Our children should not go to bed hungry. I will work on policies that benefit rural, middle-class, working class, and lower-income families. Our policies will focus on helping small business owners. Together we will work to ensure that all people have a real opportunity to achieve the American Dream. 


In our district, too many families are an emergency away from bankruptcy or paying thousands in out-of-pocket expenses to hospitals. No one should worry about debt when making medical decisions for themselves or their loved one. We need bipartisan solutions to improve our healthcare system and we must work to provide healthcare for all. We need leaders who will stand up against an administration willing to sabotage our healthcare to score political points. We need access healthcare, and we can do it by:

  • Expanding Medicaid and Medicare
  • Reducing the barriers for small businesses to offer health insurance
  • Funding our hospitals so they are able to provide excellent quality healthcare across our district
  • Promoting partnerships to provide rural communities access to resources
  • Holding insurers and providers accountable
  • Finding solutions for the opioid crisis
  • Expanding access to women’s health services, including rural areas
  • Increasing access to mental health programs
  • Investments in respiratory research programs

Health care is not a partisan issue; it’s a human rights issue. 


Our district is negatively impacted by destructive environmental policies and deregulation. Dirty water and worsening air quality have severe effects on our citizens’s health and undermine our ability to attract businesses. Climate change costs our state billions of dollars a year and threatens our national security. Citizens throughout our communities cannot even drink the water from their taps without fear. I am committed to leading our district forward by reducing the destruction of the current administration’s environmental policies. We will start with:

  • Investing in our water infrastructure and enforcing regulatory measures aimed at protecting our water supplies at the source.
  • Leading initiatives for clean energy technologies such as solar and wind, so California can work towards energy independence
  • Protecting our waters from drilling, defending our natural resources, and preserving our wildlife from overdevelopment

We have a responsibility with future generations to act now. We must invest in innovative clean energy technologies and ensure our natural resources are not depleted. The 23rd Congressional District will lead the way for a sustainable future. 


As the daughter of a public school teacher, I understand the importance of ensuring our students, teachers, and schools have the resources they need to succeed. The United States continues to fall behind in education, making our country less competitive in a rapidly changing world. Our economy and nation will be more stable and prosperous by:

  • Increasing federal funding for primary and secondary education programs
  • Ensuring access and equity in public schools for all students
  • Supporting legislation that provides federal funding back to our schools for mental health resources
  • Providing universal access to early childhood education
  • Protecting student’s civil rights and promoting gender equality
  • Making free community and technical college tuition available
  • Reforming the student loan system and expanding public service forgiveness programs
  • Improving regulatory oversight of federal funds aiding state and local educational programs
  • Providing modernized STEM education to students across our district

I will fight to ensure that the students in our district have the highest quality education through increased investment in our schools. 


We need a comprehensive immigration reform that will not penalize people by the color of their skin or the place of their birth. That means not turning our backs on those who come to this country seeking opportunities and a better future for their families. It means not raiding homes and businesses and tearing families apart. Our immigration laws are not working to meet our economic and national security needs. We can honor our country’s fundamental values and create a modern approach to immigration policy. Let’s work together to fix our broken system.  I support:

  • Comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, including Dreamers
  • Strengthening and modernizing our border security
  • Fixing family backlogs
  • Reforming legal proceedings for entering or working in the United States
  • Providing legal assistance to young immigrant children fleeing from violence in Central America
  • Preventing wasteful taxpayer spending on an unrealistic border wall

I support the efforts to safeguard our nation’s borders while ensuring the opportunity to achieve the American Dream is still alive to those inside and outside our borders.


It is our country’s duty to care for our military veterans. I will honor their commitment through initiatives that provide comprehensive resources to our men and women in uniform and after service. This includes:

  • Protecting valuable veteran and military programs from budget cuts
  • Driving legislation that will cut down healthcare wait times, reduce administrative waste, and reform the discharge system
  • Comprehensive mental health resources for service members, veterans, and military families
  • Increasing funding for military sexual trauma survivors and processing the massive military rape kit backlog
  • Increasing funding to eradicate veteran homelessness and provide comprehensive health care services for female veterans
  • Expanding family leave opportunities for service members
  • Ensuring military families have consistent educational and employment opportunities, including child care accessibility

Our military and veterans deserve better. I pledge to fight hard for all. 


In order to build a strong community, we need to work together to create a safe environment, where education thrives, crime decreases, and no one is left behind by politicians devoted to special interest groups. Our community needs a leader willing to fight for:

  • Affordable housing
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Funding food security programs
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Ending wage discrimination
  • Paid family leave
  • Access to childcare for working families

We need to unite under one vision that provides solutions to the problems facing the people of our district.