Statement from Tatiana Matta on Paul Ryan’s endorsement

Friday, April 13, 2018

Bakersfield, C.A. – Today, while news broke that Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) was endorsed by House Speaker Paul Ryan to replace him, Tatiana Matta, candidate for the 23rd Congressional District, was being briefed on how a war with North Korea could directly affect families in our District and how dangerous trade policies could damage the Central Valley’s agricultural and construction industries. Mrs. Matta released the following statement after Paul Ryan’s announcement.

“If the way Kevin treats his constituents back home is any indication of how he would perform as a Speaker, I think Paul Ryan could choose better. People back home are not that impressed with him and we are more focused on addressing the needs of our District. This weekend we will meet with Veterans, military members, and caregivers to ask how we can better serve them. In the past two weeks, our campaign has met with local civil rights leaders and community stakeholders, listened and responded to concerns at a Senior town hall, knocked on doors and made calls to neighbors to engage our community, and attended school board meetings. The California Teacher Association and the California Labor Federation endorsed our campaign this week, those are the endorsements that matter, not those of Paul Ryan.”

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